For years I have been a collector of lifestyle magazines and when digital became a thing, I collected open browser tabs. For those same amount of years I ignored all the things that these outlets published that didn’t pertain to me. The piece on haircare with models who have never ever used a bristle brush or some faux struggle of a woman who is clearly privileged but wanted to pretend to be normal and thus a boring ass two page article. Whatever it was, it wasn’t me and I figured if it wasn’t me than it wasn’t a lot of people.

Minimal Trace was designed to give you a provocative spin on lifestyle essentials featuring the faces and the voices of people who have strategically absent from magazines, fashion campaigns, websites and other sources of luxury lifestyle for decades. Social issues can cohabitate with face creams and men can women can tap in to the same platform to discover each other.

Who you are is the making of Minimal Trace.

Teneice Bowie

Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Minimal Trace

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